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Lightweight and powerful, the Keo Blade pedal combines technology with stability for ambitious cyclists seeking superior quality.
Developed by LOOK to optimize your performance.
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This first model in the Keo Blade range features a Chromoly + axle and steel bearings. Incorporating LOOK's patented Blade technology into an aerodynamically optimized carbon body, these clipless pedals provide lightness, stability, and durability, but above all, a large support surface for maximum power transfer with every pedal stroke. Weighing just 110 g (per pedal) and aerodynamically optimized, the Keo Blade is designed for intuitive clip-in/clip-out, secure support, as well as comfort and unwavering efficiency to enhance your road performance.

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Why You'll Love It:

Maximized Power Transfer

  • A generous support surface of 705 mm² on a carbon body
  • All the rigidity and technology of the carbon blade to optimize every pedal stroke
  • Enhanced comfort through even pressure distribution under the foot
  • Aerodynamic design
Discover the new Keo Blade

Technical specifications

Spindle material Chromoly +
Body & platform
Technology Blade
Body material Carbon
Platform area 705 mm²
Platform width 64 mm
Total stack height (pedal + cleat) 14,8 mm ( 8,5 + 6,3 )
Q Factor 53 mm
Cleats et tension
Retention Serial installed in 08
Cleats Keo Grip
Blade Composite
Weights and Accessories
Pedal 115 g
Weight pair + cleats 300 g

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