"It is a genuine revolution for any cyclist. I would never have believed they could retain all of the sensations of a 100%muscle-driven bike."




What is the first e-road by LOOK? This is a bike that is the result of our mastery of carbon, which allows us to offer a frame that is both lightweight and durable, manufactured in our own production facilities. This is also a bike that has just continued a story that has been written at the highest level ever since our first pedal strokes with Bernard Hinault. Lastly, it is a bike that has been designed by cyclists, for cyclists - and that means for all cyclists.

Because you may wish to follow your friends down a mountain pass without having all of the necessary skills. Because you were champion one day, and now simply want to recuperate. Because there is a tendency to forget that cycling is first and foremost a leisure activity that should go hand-in-hand with pleasure - it is for all of these reasons, not to mention any personal reasons you might have, that LOOK has created the E-765 OPTIMUM, a genuine LOOK assisted by an integrated FAZUA motor.

Barely any heavier than a traditional road bike, the astonishing performance of your first LOOK electric bike will have you back on the steepest slopes. And best of all: even Bernard Hinault has succombed to its charms.



E-765 OPTIMUM : towards new horizons

The electric motor is already revolutionising the world of mountain biking... and soon the world of road bikes as well. Thanks to electrical assistance, you gain access to the pleasure and benefits of sport, while also covering greater distance.

The E-765 OPTIMUM is an electrically-assisted road bike that will allow you to reach new horizons. What was once out of reach, is no longer. The electrical assistance means that you can quickly accelerate to 25 km/h on slopes, thanks to a very light bike with an integrated motor and battery.

The key design advantages remain the 100% carbon frame and fork and the stays featuring ‘double wave’ technology: 3D WAVE for enhanced comfort.


Since LOOK’s beginning in the bicycle world when metals were king, our material of choice has always been carbon. For over 30 years LOOK has developed in its own factories a unique expertise and a vast know-how in the carbon field to reach specific desired properties.



Made of aluminium, this integrated stem is designed so as to be rigid and lightweight. It echoes the forms of the frame and ensures excellent bike stability.

The DIRECT DRIVE concept enables the simultaneous development of the steering components (fork, fork pivot, steering socket, stem and handlebars) to ensure that the rigidities are compatible. There is no apparent loss of rigidity in the cockpit, thus providing a real sense of security and reliable performance.


Drawing on our experience in working with carbon, we put together a a formula dedicated exclusively to the E-765 OPTIMUM. Thanks to the ultra-precise fibre orientations and a specific combination of various types of carbon - 25% HM, 31% IM, 31% HR and 13% specific fibre - it is now possible to achieve a high level of performance, with a firm focus on the practical.


The stays are designed with 2 waves, functioning as deflection points that enable a 15% increase in the natural flexibility of the carbon. Furthermore, by flattening the tube its vertical flexibility can be improved while increasing its lateral rigidity.

This tube shape at the rear of the bike filters shocks, even at high speed. It increases the traction, that is, the contact between the wheel and the ground, so that the rider can maintain his course when faced with oncoming obstacles. 3D WAVE thus enables the achievement of much superior vibration damping levels, without any increase in weight.


The German company, an expert in the development of the electric motor since 2013, has developed the most complete motor currently available on the market. To combine this motor unit with the MADE BY LOOK carbon frame seemed an obvious course of action ever since the early design stages.



The E-765 OPTIMUM weighs in at 13.4 kg on average. This reading is achieved thanks to the compact 250 W motor unit developped by FAZUA, which drastically reduces the weight of the battery motor assembly, which does not exceed 4.6 kg, combined with the light weight of the carbon.

This FAZUA drive system, which is the lightest and most compact in its category, enables cyclists to easily achieve an assisted speed of 25 km/h.


The low total weight produces a ride sensations that is close to that of a muscle- powered bike. The neutrality of the motor interruption at 25 km/h is impressively fluid. There is no noticeable pedal resistances at speeds greater than this.

The remote control located on the handlebar enables the precision control of the electrical assistance. There are 4 available modes: 0 Wh mode where you rely solely on your legs, two intermediate modes with respective power ratings of 125 W and 250 W, and finally, rocket mode, which can reach a maximum power of 400 W.

Control your range by making use of both muscle and electrical power. An average range of 86 kilometres has bee recorded for mixed use, while this figure is 32 kilometer in the moountains and 53 in the city.


A detachable motor and battery only make sense if you can remove them from your bike for a lighter ride whenever you want. Designed as a single unit, the FAZUA electrical assistance used in the E-765 OPTIMUM allows for the option of leaving the electrical unit at home.


The free application offered by FAZUA converts the E-765 OPTIMUM into a connected bike. Connected directly to the battery, track its life and charge status, as well as its temperature.

Including navigation and GPS tracking, the app can offer several routes to a chosen destination, stating the drop and the distance that can be covered based on the battery charge status. Analyse your journeys in real time using the speedometer, and after your session, by consulting a summary of your efforts.


Whether you’re looking at a profile or front view, it is difficult to tell that the E-765 OPTIMUM is an eBike at all. Stored in a diagonal tube, the compact dimensions of the motor assembly and battery enabled the LOOK engineers to design a tailored carbon frame, for perfect integration and weight-distribution.

"Power delivery is smooth and unobtrusive."