Fréjus – 10/09/2017

Part of the trade press gathered along the shores of the Mediterranean to attend the presentation of the new LOOK MTB pedal, the X-TRACK.
The energy of the culmination of several years of work towards one goal progressively builds into one specific and exhilarating moment at its unveiling.

«The objective of this new project was to find solutions that would allow for the efficient transmission of energy developed. That is why we have chosen to place the weight/contact surface ratio as the primary element in the product definition. With 515mm² of platform surface (+12% increase), the X-TRACK positions itself as a market benchmark. It has an unmatched power to weight ratio, making it a formidable weapon, regardless of how you ride», stated the product manager.

The latest arrival from the LOOK factory based in Nevers, France, was constructed around a robust mechanism designed to address the various elements one can face outdoors (rocks, roots, mud…) For this reason, the spindle is equipped with a double-lipped, weather-resistant seal capable of withstanding the worst while delivering continuous and reliable performance over time. All of our efforts have come together to remain faithful to a doctrine that guides us daily, that greater reliability means more hours on the bike, and therefore, more fun.

The theoretic presentation complete, it is time to head to the Var and hit the trails in Boulouris for the X-TRACK.

It is here, on a loop that shares many characteristics with the Rio course, that Maxime MAROTTE trained as part of his preparation for the most-recent Olympic Games.

The French Champion, the New Zealander, Samuel GAZE, and the Swiss legend, Christoph SAUSER, tagged along with the European press.

Everyone had the same desire, to share in a passion, exchange ideas and have fun.

After an hour of riding single track, enormous smiles were visible on everyone’s facejust as a French journalist blurted out,
«The platform is amazing. It’s a lot of fun to ride the X-TRACK»


3rd in the 2017 World Cup and French Champion
«Excellent power transfer»
«Participating in the development of a new product is always something exciting in the life of an athlete, the technical discussions with the engineering team, seeing the product evolve and finally being able to test it.
I feel really great riding the X-TRACK RACE CARBON. They are easy to engage and provide excellent power transfer.»

Christoph SAUSER
Four-time World Champion
«Ease to use, large platform surface»
«I have been working with LOOK for many years. After the Quartz and the S-Track, I’m happy to have participated in the development of the X-TRACK.
They are lightweight, easy to use, and no time is lost engaging! The large platform surface is a real plus for any mountain biker.