LOOK designs, develops and manufactures exceptional products

In its factories, its teams anticipate, imagine, explore, experiment, draw and manufacture in a process that is both industrial and hand-crafted. And the reason LOOK relentlessly innovates its products, design and services is to provide cyclists with a unique experience.

By pushing our boundaries and exceeding our limits, LOOK exalts the senses and the passions (and ignites the spirits). Above all, LOOK utilizes technology to bring out the emotions that allow each cyclist to perfect their performance.A performance that is expressed through victories and surpassing oneself, and also through the ability to tame one's fears and doubts, to overcome hardships and to share one's emotions.

Whether it is frames, pedals or equipment, for professional or amateur athletes, the technologies offered by LOOK convey extraordinary sensations.



Learn, create and pass on

From the entrance, everything is steeped in legend. The legend of champions who wrote the pages of the most wonderful history of professional cycling. But don't be fooled into thinking that the place inspires nostalgia. Everything here is bubbling, alive, exhilarating.

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Our DNA is carbon

Thirty years ago, LOOK embarked on an extraordinary course to manufacture carbon frames and forks. Thirty years ago, at a time when steel frames dominated the highest peaks, LOOK took the incredible gamble of mastering a new material, carbon.




Performance is above all else pushing one's boundaries

LOOK creates contemporary products to support athletes who are looking to push their limits. Whether professional or enthusiast, pushing oneself is a quest for athletic performance and pleasure.

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