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Powerfully light

Does choosing mean sacrificing? Not in this case. A bike like the 795 BLADE RS simply means refusing to compromise on either aerodynamics or weight, versatility or responsiveness. For this machine does not compromise, it simply demands meticulous development and a new generation of components to achieve one goal: a fully-built, race-ready bike weighing just 7 kg, with proven dynamic qualities for all types of courses and riders no matter if you are a climber, a rouleur or a sprinter. The 795 BLADE RS is a masterpiece of technology, a featherweight bundle of energy just waiting to be released.


Built to win

The 795 BLADE RS geometry is tailored for competition, optimizing the rider's position for aerodynamics and maximum power transfer. The bike is exceptionally stable at high speeds and offers flawless handling. Though it is unapologetically aggressive, adjustment options are numerous to answer the needs of different types of cyclists. Featuring full integration, the ergonomics of the frame and components allow you to fine-tune your riding position, whilst the clever handlebar and stem combo make changing the stem length or handlebar width particularly easy. A key asset to make the most of the 795 BLADE RS’ impressive dynamic qualities.


As sharp... as a blade.

Wind? What wind? The 795 BLADE RS is born to slice through the air. With painstaking wind tunnel testing on the frame and component, the bike is the most worthy ambassador of LOOK Cycle’s aerodynamic expertise, born from years of road and track cycling experience. Each tube section is specifically-shaped to reduce drag and optimize handling precision. Every detail counts when it comes to integration; from the integrated seatpost to the placement of the water bottles, the sharp lines and streamlined design serve the ultimate goal of ultra-high performance.


Carbon core

A LOOK Cycle carbon frame. Words that instantly conjure the image of a masterpiece of precision engineering… and yet the 795 BLADE RS goes a step further to offer absolute perfection. The frame is built using a special carbon fiber blend with a predominance of Ultra High Modulus fibers for a unique weight to stiffness ratio, whilst every shape, wall thickness and junction is molded to enhance the bike’s dynamic qualities and lifespan. It is a handcrafted, sophisticated process that results in the fastest racing bike LOOK Cycle has ever produced.


A born racer.

The professional riders of the Cofidis cycling team were instrumental throughout the development process, helping us fine-tune every aspect of the 795 BLADE RS to meet the demands of top-level racing: power transfer, vibration absorption, stiffness and responsiveness. Hours of testing on the road and in the wind tunnel with precise data led us to the best carbon layup and the right geometry choices. The result? A race-optimized machine that delivers a unique riding feel and top-end performance, whether you're sprinting at 70 km/h, working hard in the early break or attacking at the top of a mountain pass.



  • Exceptionally lightweight: just 7 kg for a fully-built, race-ready bike.
  • Aerodynamically-efficient across the board to meet the demands of high-level racing and ensure perfect handling in windy conditions.
Ultra High Modulus carbon fiber
  • Carbon frame with a meticulous layup using Ultra High Modulus fiber for outstanding dynamic performance: optimized responsiveness, efficiency and comfort.
Proven at the highest level
  • Proven at the highest level: the 795 BLADE RS is designed for the Cofidis Team riders and has already won on the UCI World Tour.

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