Your new electric bike to ride in the city

A light, fast e-bike designed for urban riding


"Why a full-carbon electric bicycle?

Carbon fibers are light and strong, two essential qualities when it comes to an electric city bike. Lightweight so you can take it anywhere, cooperative whether you are negotiating stairs or loading it on public transport. Sturdy to handle every stretch of road and sidewalk with complete comfort and safety.

What motors do LOOK e-bikes have?

LOOK electric bikes, including the E-765 GOTHAM, are equipped with the compact FAZUA EVATION model. Made in Germany, it is one of the lightest motors on the markets and can be spotted on many e-bikes. Along with its lightness, its main feature is the removable battery, allowing you to transform the bike into a regular pushbike whenever you wish. The plastic cover (optional on the Fazua website) simply fits back onto the frame, leaving you with a bike that weighs 5kgs less and rides almost like a classic bike. For mixed use, the FAZUA battery offers an autonomy of over 80km.

Other carbon electric bikes in the LOOK range

Would you rather ride off the beaten track, even during the week? Our Gravel e-bike features mechanical components and a geometry particularly adapted to off-road adventures. Yet electrical assistance is not limited to urban or gravel riders. If you are a road cyclist, you will enjoy the LOOK e-bike road, the ultimate electric road bike to help you take on longer rides, or that mountain pass you have always dreamed of climbing."

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