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Why is the E-765 GOTHAM a full-carbon electric city bike?

Carbon fiber is light and stiff, the perfect combo to offer comfort and sturdiness in an urban environment. With its 100% carbon frame, the E-765 GOTHAM sets a new standard in the competitive world of e-bikes. Tipping the scales at a mere 15.8kg, it moves ahead of most other aluminum e-bikes as one of the lightest on the market today.

Why is the motor such an important element?

The motor of an electric bike can be compared to the heart of a reactor. Smooth pedal strokes, fluid and long-lasting electric power-assist are what determine the quality of your ride. These are what the central FAZUA EVATION motor bring you. The motor is located in the bottom bracket, perfectly integrated in the frame design to ensure the best weight distribution.

Where does the E-765 GOTHAM fit in the LOOK electric bicycle range?

The E-765 GOTHAM is ideal for city riding such as daily commutes to work, quick trips to the shops or appointments or even to take the children to school. Its versatile components are nonetheless perfectly suited your weekend adventures beyond the urban environment. If you are looking for even broader horizons, the LOOK E-765 OPTIMUM is an electric bike with a road racing design, while its cousin E-765 GRAVEL will take you off the beaten track.

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