Restoring the french forests

During the Nature is Bike, a festival entirely dedicated to the Gravel, LOOK offered participants to test the 765 GRAVEL, 765 GRAVEL RS and E-765 GRAVEL. In order to give substance to its convictions, LOOK committed to planting a tree for each test ride. During the three days of the festival, 30 LOOK bikes were tested! LOOK honored its commitment by planting 30 trees in the forest of Torcé-Viviers-en-Charnie (53), 98 kilometers from Angers where Nature is Bike takes place.

Once mature, the 30 trees planted this year will store 5 tons of CO2 and will host 90 animal shelters.



Our aim is to produce durable AND high-performance products whilst reducing waste to a minimum.

This is why 100% of our industrial and IT waste is now recycled by specialized local organizations, such as Bartin Recycling and Martin Environnement for the recycling of batteries in supermarkets, or Eco TLC for the collection and reuse of textiles.


Eco-responsible packaging

From box to leaflet

At LOOK, we are proud to use packaging made from 90% recycled paper. Our packaging supplier, the Auvergne-based company CIP, gets its supplies from the RDM group, the second largest European producer of recycled cartonboard. Our packaging has been designed in an eco-responsible manner down to the smallest detail! Inside the box, our bikes are wedged in place with cardboard or recyclable foam. Our pedals are delivered in boxes with no tape closures to reduce the use of resources and to facilitate the recycling of cardboard. Our local printing supplier, Inore Groupe Impression, is Imprim'Vert certified and uses 100% recycled paper. The leaflets of our products are thus issued from recycling. Finally, we have opted for local suppliers in order to boost the local economy, but also to reduce the distances covered by our delivery trucks.


employee eco responsibility

"The small efforts of today make the large successes of tomorrow.”

A motto that is as valid in competitive cycling as it is in our approach to sustainable action. On the initiative of our employees, several work groups regularly come together to develop and implement new measures:

  • Improving the waste sorting process
  • Printing on recycled paper
  • Eliminating the use of single-use, non-recyclable plastic.



Mécénat Chirurgie Cardiaque

The association Mécénat Chirurgie Cardiaque enables children from underprivileged countries and suffering from heart conditions to undergo surgery in France when this is impossible at home due to lack of technical or financial means. Over 3500 children have already received treatment since the association was created in 1996.

Since 2005, LOOK has supported Mécénat Chirurgie Cardiaque through fundraising and communication activities within the cycling world, such as the Étape du Cœur, the Tour de France and the Gentleman du Cœur. Recently, LOOK auctioned the renowned KG 396 frame as part of a fundraising event, the profits of which went toward the medical treatment of a child with a heart condition.



LOOK is the official supplier of the National Velodrome of Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines, training headquarters of the French National Track Cycling Team.

LOOK is committed to bringing the track cycling discipline to a wider audience. Indeed, before chasing Olympic medals, you must first experience the thrills of riding on a velodrome! LOOK provides a fleet of AL 464 bikes for these first laps, to give you a feel for the unforgettable speed and sensations only the track can provide.



We have been riding alongside the French Cycling Federation for over 30 years. During this time, LOOK has won the most medals in the history of the summer Olympic Games. We have always taken pride in supplying our partner federations, and particularly the French athletes, with the very best equipment available on the market.

Dedicated engineering resources are made available to the Federation in order produce the fastest bike for each Olympiad. The latest design is the T20, which will be used by the French team at the Tokyo Olympics.


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