Takes on new challenges with the E-765 Gravel

Ed Jackson

A life without rugby

On April 8, 2017, Ed Jackson's life was turned upside down. A professional rugby player with 10 years' experience and at only twenty-eight years of age, he was hoping to enjoy a few more years on the field. Yet everything stopped. Misjudging the depth of a pool, Ed's career was brutally halted by a broken neck.

The impact left him completely paralyzed from his shoulders to his feet. After a seven-hour operation to try and realign his neck, there were unfortunately still no signs of movement or feeling. Ed was told he would never walk again.

Ed Jackson

Absolute determination

Refusing to accept his fate, he spent every waking moment trying to move different parts of his body. Eight days after his accident and against all odds, one of his toes moved. And after three months of unrelenting effort, he succeeded in standing up and taking his first steps.

His determination and background as a former elite athlete played a key role in his recovery, both from a physical and a mental point of view.

After reaching the summit of Gran Paradiso in Italy, at an altitude of 4061m above sea level, one of his latest exploits is the ascent of Mount Mera, one of the highest peaks in the world at 6476 m.

Ed Jackson E-765 GRAVEL

A new challenge: cycling

Until today, Ed has mostly focused on hiking and climbing challenges, but now he is excited to get back on his bike. Having ridden only static trainers since his accident, he knew that power and muscle tone might be tricky obstacles to overcome, especially in the hills. Yet he is rediscovering the sheer delight of cycling and enjoying every second thanks to the LOOK E-765 Gravel.

The lightweight frame combined with the powerful motor allow him to take on gradients that would otherwise be impossible. And true to his unbreakable spirit, Ed can now take his adventures on and off road with the ultra versatile E-765 Gravel.

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