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Every second is precious in a race, and you can't afford to lose even a fraction of one. The X-TRACK RACE CARBON Ti pedals is specifically created for the most unforgiving courses. The geometry of the mechanism is designed for easy engagement in all conditions, evacuating any elements which may get in the way such as mud or sand. The titanium body offers a 515 mm² contact area, while the titanium axle ensures the pedal is stiff and light: a mere 145 grams underfoot.

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Why you'll love it?

Why you'll love it?

Designed for the worst conditions of trail and cross-country riding

  • An SPD-standard pedal offering the best power-to-weight on the MTB market today
  • Outstanding sturdiness to withstand the most extreme shocks
  • Consistent and durable clip in experience in all conditions thanks to the optimized geometry of the mechanism
All you need to know about X-TRACK RACE

Technical specifications


Spindle material Titanium

Body & platform

Technology X-TRACK
Body material Carbon
Platform area 515 mm²
Platform width 60 mm
Total stack height (pedal + cleat) 16,8 mm (10,7 + 6,1 mm)
Q Factor 53 mm

Retension & cleats

Retention 6 to 14
Cleats Standard cleat included (easy cleat available separately)
Cleats standard SPD compatible
Float angle
Release angle 13°

Weight & sizes

Pedal 145 g
Weight pair + cleats 340 g
Cleats 50 g

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