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Following the launch of the X-TRACK RACE range, designed for CROSS COUNTRY / GRAVEL, the X-TRACK range is continuing to grow with a new addition to the family : the X-TRACK EN-RAGE. This latest product has been designed for the TRAIL / ENDURO discipline. It completes our off-road range of pedals by offering a wider pedal body. With more contact area it offers added stability, and construction to withstand the hardest of knocks.



The X-TRACK EN-RAGE range comes in two versions :

  • The X-TRACK EN-RAGE PLUS pedal body is made of forged aluminium. It has a 67 mm wide platform for a 664 mm ² of contact surface. This provides improved stability and support, especially at high speed. The pins and ribbed pedal body ensure good grip in all circumstances, even when not clipped in. The X-TRACK EN- RAGE PLUS model is perfectly suited to the requirements of the ENDURO rider.

  • The X-TRACK EN-RAGE pedal, again made of aluminium, but has a narrower body. It is 63 mm wide for 554 mm ² of contact surface area, making it a lighter pedal. This narrower profile makes it more at home in narrow and steep single track. While still ENDURO capable, it is mainly intended as a TRAIL pedal.


The X-TRACK EN-RAGE PLUS model is made of forged aluminum, making it particularly resilient to impact (4 times more resilient than die-cast aluminum). The design and body sections have been optimized to withstand the most extreme conditions and impacts of ENDURO riders. Thanks to the work of our R&D team, we have created a product twice as resistant to damage as most rival products in the market.


Our desire to continually improve your product-experience is demonstrated by the design of a durable and easy-to-use product. Our new mountain bike pedal has been designed around a robust spindle and bearing mechanism. It is resistant to damage from external elements (rocks, roots, mud, etc.). In order to achieve consistent performances, the pedal shaft includes double water resist seals to withstand the most extreme conditions your trails can offer.


Clipping in / out is a key element. Our R&D team wanted to make this action more intuitive and improve your experience. Quicker, simpler and more secure are the defining characteristics of the X-TRACK family. In order to meet these requirements we worked on 3 parameters :

  • MECHANISM GEOMETRY The mechanism works regardless of external conditions, afterall in the mud, forces disrupting the pedal are significantly different from those encountered when conditions are dry. Added space around the cleat mechanism allows for the shedding of various foreign matter ( mud, sand... ). These zones give the user a constant and stable feeling of being securely clip-ped in, in all conditions.

  • ADJUSTABLE TENSION An adjustable tension screw allows you to fine-tune the entry / release resistance toyour personal needs.

  • LATERAL CONTACT SUPPORT Lateral contact support guides your foot in finding the pedal, providing you a point of contact even if you have not yet engaged the cleat. This wide contact area preventsyour foot from sliding on the pedal body and offers consistent and reassuring support.

"Every part of the X-Track pedal can be disassembled for service or repair, and the body is built to take a beating and it sheds mud well."