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The name of the ZED crankset comes simply from its "Z" shape. A shape which is a one single, molded, carbon piece for an incomparable stiffness-to-weight ratio. The ZED 2 comes with both crank arms and weighs a mere 320 grams. It is compatible with 110mm and 130mm BCD and all pedals. The crank arm length is adjustable to fit all requirements: 170, 172,5 and 175mm.

Technical Specifications

Carbon type VHR (Very High Resistance)
Construction type Monobloc
Crankarm lenghts 170 mm / 172,5 mm / 175 mm
Compatibility 110 mm & 130 mm Bolt patterns / Entraxes
Bearings Stainless steel diameter 65x50x7 mm
Weight 320 g
Accessories Chainring bolts and triblobe mount bracket tool included

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