E-765 Gotham
Conquer the urban jungle


Finally, a lightweight electric bike designed for the city

Carbon fiber. Urban flair.

Imagine an electric bike that weighs almost nothing. With its 100% carbon frame, the E-765 GOTHAM sets a new standard in power-assisted bicycles. Tipping the scales at a mere 15.8kg, it moves ahead of most other aluminum e-bikes as one of the lightest on the market today. How? Thanks to LOOK's 30-year expertise in carbon fiber technologies combined with the FAZUA EVATION motor, the lightest and most compact e-bike motor. A dream combo to enhance your urban journeys.


Rev your new motor

A motor that never falters

At the heart of the E-765 GOTHAM: the central FAZUA EVATION motor. This e-bike motor has your back on all your rides:

  • Autonomy: You will easily exceed 50 kilometers in an urban environment. Mixed use will push the boundaries out to over 80 kilometers. Go beyond the office, seek out adventure!
  • Versatility: The 250-watt removable not only makes for easy recharging. It can also be left at home whenever you feel like it, giving you a classic pushbike that weighs barely 11kg, perfect to pedal to new horizons.
  • Smoothness: Pedal as if you were riding a classic city bike. You will forget there is even a motor in the downtube, so smooth does the Power Assist feel as you accelerate to the assistance limit of 25km/h.

Comfort is nothing without safety

Be seen. Be comfortable.

The E-765 GOTHAM is fitted with carefully-selected components to enhance both your comfort and safety. Be visible at all times thanks to the reflective strips on the frame and tires. This electric city bike also comes with the latest Made by LOOK innovation: the GEO TREKKING VISION pedals featuring lights for extra visibility. Their hybrid design - one flat and one clipless side - is tailored for comfortable commuting during the week, and leisurely adventures at the weekend. A versatility that is reflected in the removable mudguards, 40mm-wide tires and adjustable stem with integrated phone holder.




The motor and battery pack, offering a torque of 55Nm and average power output of 250w (max. 400w), will easily allow you to reach 25km/h.

A 4.6kg, detachable motor and battery pack only makes sense if it can easily be removed when required. Designed as a single unit, the FAZUA Electric Power Assist can be left at home, bringing the weight of the E-765 GOTHAM down to 11kg.

An electric bike always at the forefront of innovation. Currently featuring the FAZUA BLACK PEPPER PERFORMANCE, you can easily update the FAZUA software by downloading the latest version online.

Fazua mobile app

Stay connected with the free FAZUA mobile app: linked directly to the battery, it allows you to easily check charge, condition and temperature in real time.

Featuring integrated GPS tracking, the app can also suggest routes to a destination, including total climb and range within reach depending on battery status.

3D Wave Design seatstays

The seatstays are designed as 2 waves that act as flexion points, increasing the natural flexibility of carbon fiber by 15%. By flattening the tubes, vertical flexibility and lateral stiffness are also improved, filtering shocks even at high speed. The 3D WAVE thus achieves exceptional vibration dampening without adding weight. Whether you are riding down sidewalks, over manholes or along rough paths, the 3D wave will be your friend.

Carbon fiber and layup

Drawing on over 30 years experience in carbon manufacturing, we have designed a new layup unique to the E-765 GOTHAM. Thanks to ultra-precise fiber orientation and the association of different carbon types (23% HM, 25% IM, 37% HR and 15% specific fiber), we are able to combine lightness with resistance to take on the pace of the city.

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