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the pedal that will change your bike your visibility your journeys


Geo City Grip Vision

Built to be the ultimate pedal for urban mobility, it quickly becomes the epitome of safety, reliability and style to give all your bike journeys some bite.

The GEO CITY GRIP VISION offers a very wide support surface so that you never lose grip no matter your angle of attack. It also includes a rechargeable light kit for added safety.

Whether it's stealth black, retro red, acid green or crazy camo, it's all options to express your unique personality. Compatible with Vibram Activ Grip ""Trail"" pads with rubber lugs and composite studs for even more grip during off-road adventures.




Visibility at night depends on:

  • The minimum distance at which you can be seen.
  • The possibility you have of capturing the attention of motorists..

Unlike a fixed standard light, positioned on your bike, the pedals are in constant motion, which considerably increases their visibility by creating an oscillating beam. Combined with the different flash modes available (4 modes), they can more effectively attract the attention of motorists.

With a power of 50 lumens, the VISION light makes you visible at more than 900 meters with a 180° angle to remain visible laterally at intersections.


A foot to pedal connection perfect unique colorful



A perfect foot-pedal connection is essential for riding with complete peace of mind, and this principle is at the heart of the LOOK GEO CITY range. No matter the weather or the shoes you are wearing, rest assured that your foot will never slip again when starting a red light, on a slightly steep slope or crossing a sidewalk.

While LOOK is synonymous with innovation in pedal technology, no other name guarantees safety and grip like Vibram. And the famous yellow octagon that has accompanied so many outdoor adventurers is now available on the ultimate all-round pedal. LOOK Activ Grip by Vibram combines our decades of cycling expertise with nearly a century of underfoot traction experience, by the most iconic sole brand around. You can now ride your two-wheeler in ballet flats, moccasins or with your work boots, this pedal will not let you go.

Pads of different colors and patterns are easily changed, allowing you to quickly match your new safety to your style, or just your mood.


Unparalleled grip

Activ grip pad

Driving in the city can sometimes be as perilous as in the mountains: changing weather conditions, slippery surfaces or vehicle splashes are all urban hazards. Better to avoid missteps! But riding around town has never been so easy and reassuring thanks to the perfect foot-pedal connection of the GEO CITY pedal.

The profile of the support surface is made of a rubber compound specifically developed by grip expert Vibram, our partner of choice to give you a perfectly safe platform in today's urban jungle. Together we designed a pattern of multi-directional ridges of varying depths, with grooves to quickly wick away any potential moisture. The result is rock-solid grip, regardless of foot angle or weather conditions.

Unlike other spiked pedals, our original and unique solution gives you exceptional grip without risking damaging your shoes when riding in civilian clothes.

GEO CITY LOOK: the comfortable and elegant connection between you and your bike


Colors that suit you

Pad Activ grip

Stealth trendy, dynamic and passionate, urban warrior or fluo-pop? E-bike, commuter, BMX, fixie and more, the urban bike brings together a panoply of different individuals, characters and styles. So no matter what rider you are, what could be better than personalizing your look with the LOOK GEO CITY range and its interchangeable Activ Grip by Vibram pads?

Black, red, acid green or crazy camo: whatever aesthetic you choose, the pads are designed to match your bike, your clothes, your accessories or even your mood. And they change in just 5 seconds.

Interchangeable Activ Grip pads: customize your bike, boost your style.

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