LOOK 895 Vitesse

LOOK’s new aerodynamic track cycling frame is here. Stiff, fast and infused with our unique carbon fiber expertise developed over 30 years in the industry, the LOOK 895 VITESSE is ready to take on the velodrome. Are you?

Bred for fast

Taught lines – pure speed. Monobloc construction – sheer power. Let us introduce the brand-new LOOK 895 VITESSE, the new kid on the velodrome ready to make some waves; and it certainly won’t be on the Côte d’Azur.

LOOK’s history and reputation has long been entwined with track cycling. From the first track frame ridden to success in Atlanta ‘96 to the medals won in Tokyo aboard the elite T20, our bikes have been at the cutting edge of performance for over 25 years.

Our long-standing partnership with the French National Track Cycling Team has pushed us to develop the very best bikes for all levels, starting with grassroots cycling and the beloved AL 464 workhorse, all the way up to the high-performance T20 ridden by Olympic champions. And where the 875 Madison answers the demands of enthusiastic track and criterium riders, the new 895 VITESSE brings optimized aerodynamics and stiffness to take ambitious racers to the next level.

"Aero is everything"

Drawing on the success and principles of the previous R96 model, this new track machine is built in-house in our workshops in Tunisia. Using high modulus carbon fiber, the monobloc carbon construction is unapologetically oriented toward aerodynamic efficiency.

Inspired by the T20

Inspired by the T20

At the front end, it borrows the fork of the T20 and combines it with the integrated, rotative Carbon Track Stem, which is available in 18 different sizes (from 55 to 140mm in 5mm increments) to allow for extremely precise fitting no matter the rider’s position and riding style.


An aggressive design

The aggressive design extends into oversized, carefully profiled tubes before wrapping around the rear wheel to reduce drag to an absolute minimum. The seat tube is fully integrated to further improve aero performance, with a dedicated, reversible saddle cradle that allows for custom fitting.


Performance & Versatility

The commanding BSA 68mm bottom bracket is ultra-stiff for maximum power transfer and unlike its bigger brother the T20, does not feature the ZED crankset. This means it can be fitted with any track crankset on the market for utmost versatility.

Frameset only

The bike is available as a frameset only and is offered in 4 different sizes (XS, S, M and L) and in two color options. The first is christened “Côte d’Azur” in reference to the flat strip of blue boards at the very inside of the velodrome. This strip on the track is used at lower speeds by riders pulling onto and off the banks, and it is safe to say the 895 VITESSE will not be seeing very much of it. The second frame color, Pro Team Black Mat, offers an iteration of the iconic LOOK Mondrian logo and is directly inspired from the Olympics. This Pro Team color is also available across our range of track bikes, from the T20 to the AL 464.

The 895 VITESSE takes the opening in our range between the T20 and the 875 Madison and fills it with high class, effective performance at a competitive price point. As its name suggests, this is a bike designed for uncompromising speed. A bike that will accept nothing less than winning. When the head and the legs say go, it asks no question but simply answers with the full extent of its pureblood heritage.

We hope you’re ready for faster.

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