The Pedal That Changes Your Ride


Changing the grip game, with Vibram

TRAIL PLATFORM, with LOOK Activ Grip by Vibram

There’s always room at the top: the top step of podiums where LOOK pedals have earned their performance reputation; and the top of the world’s mountains where Vibram’s iconic golden badge has proved the guarantee of grip and safety in tough conditions. Together we’ve used all our experience and passion for performance to create TRAIL PLATFORM with LOOK Activ Grip by Vibram. A new and unique answer to the control and confidence demands of every type of trail riders in every environment.

By combining a unique Vibram rubber compound with moulded and composite lugs we deliver total trust under your feet whatever the weather or terrain. They’re ready for the diverse range of rider ages and experience levels coming into off-road riding through E-bikes, gravel and adventure bikes.

With a lightweight yet strong base pedal built with the experience of decades of racing, and our switchable colored pads for you to stamp your own style on the hill, look no further for the next level of platform pedal performance.


Center your confidence

TRAIL GRIP – set your stance

Whether you’re grinning from an off-road leisure ride, or pumped from finding your mojo on your first flowing singletrack, LOOK’s TRAIL GRIP helps you find your stance with simplicity, safety and confidence.

We’ve been refining and evolving that connection between you and the mountain with our legendary ski bindings and clipless pedals for over half a century and we’ve loaded all that LOOK experience into our unique approach to platform pedals. By combining multi-sized tread lugs in a custom Vibram rubber compound with hard biting, weather-repelling composite studs, Activ Grip by Vibram keeps you in the zone whatever the weather or whatever shoes you’re wearing.

With no pins to snap on rocks, tear your soles or spike your legs (ouch!), Activ Grip also means long-life durability for pedals, shoes and shins. Fully replaceable pads make color-switching customizability easy when it’s time to change it up too.

TRAIL GRIP – for every rider enjoying the thrills and fun of off-road adventures.


Custom color pads

Vibram Activ Grip pad palette to define your style

We all ride with our own style. What we wear, the bike we choose, how we hit that corner or tweak that jump. Freedom and individuality are a huge part of what makes mountain biking such an incredible experience for so many different people. Our interchangeable Vibram Activ Grip pads celebrate that individuality with a range of different colors.

Classic black with yellow logo syncs with everything and showcases the Activ Grip advantage to the max. Lime pops on the hill the way you pop ever booter or flare your back wheel sideways at every opportunity. Red is the color of speed, pumping blood through your veins as you blast towards a summit or blitz a descent. Crazy Camo takes all these elements and sets them against the wild green of the mountains and forests; the ultimate trail rider’s badge.

At LOOK we celebrate character and respect every rider’s true sense of self. So choose your color and represent, or get the whole set and match your mood to the mountain every time you ride.


Premium Platform technology

French history of innovation is creating the future

LOOK revolutionised the worlds of skiing and cycling with our original clipless binding systems and we’ve never stopped innovating with noble materials, premium bearing solutions and destruction test-defeating durability proud to maintain our position as leaders.

Along the way all that time testing prototypes, all those world-beating race wins and the billions of miles pedaled on our products by delighted customers has enabled us to create an incredible family of clipless pedals for road and off-road alike.

But we recognise and respect that not everyone wants to be locked onto their bikes, so we’ve taken all of that engineering expertise, passion and innovation and loaded it into the heart of our revolutionary platform pedal range. The result is a unique collection packed with all the durable, user-friendly performance that LOOK is known for – while offering a totally new, next level way to connect with the trails in colorful confidence.

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