How to choose the right LOOK bike ?

A guide to choose your road bike

There is nothing quite like riding a bike. From dreamy Tour de France routes to familiar lunchtime loops, road cycling continues to inspire many of us. Flat-out fast along wind-swept highways, dancing to the top of a mountain or leisurely winding our way down country lanes, little beats the feeling of freedom we get from simply pedaling a bike.

AERO - Born to race


Did you stop at “Flat out fast” above? Then look no further: the AERO range is designed for uncompromising speed. With a lower front end and more aggressive geometry, these bikes are aimed at the competitive rider looking for advanced engineering to beat the wind. Our flagship 795 Blade offers an aero cockpit with full cable integration for a streamlined look and 6 different stem sizes for adjustability. All tube shapes are optimized in the wind tunnel and combined with our dedicated ultralight aero seatpost and invisible seatpost clamp to reduce aerodynamic drag. This is a bike that is stiff and fast, with clever 3S design in the rear triangle to improve traction and comfort whilst transferring maximum power to the road.

The 795 Blade is offered in seven different setups and color schemes to fit your preferences and budget, including the brand-new Interference Red model featuring the SRAM Rival AXS 12-speed groupset. All RS models use our unique blend of high modulus carbon fibers and optimized layup to save weight and improve efficiency in critical areas. If you are looking for a rim brake version, a frameset only option is available as well.


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Maybe, like us, you live in a country with endless mountain passes or steep rolling hills as far as the eye can see. Your favorite evening ride heads straight up the slope behind the house and your idea of heaven involves pedaling towards the sky and screaming back down through the hairpins. This is where the ALTITUDE range comes in. With highly-optimized tube sections, these are bikes that place weight and dynamism at the top of the priority list. Our nano layer construction technology ensures precise positioning and orientation of each thin layer of carbon for maximum efficiency and a high power-to-weight ratio. Designed first and foremost to scale mountains at speed, the 785 Huez responds with snappy reactivity when you attack out of the saddle and smooth, agile handling as you glide down the descent.

The bike is available in six different setups, two of which offer our high performance RS carbon layup, with dedicated color schemes. For a touch of extra inertia on flatter sections, the LOOK R38D carbon wheelset gives the bike maximum versatility and a kick of speed that will have you hammering the pedals for more. Two frameset options, one rim brake and one disc brake, complete our Altitude range for those wanting to select their own specs. Here again, the superior carbon fibers, optimized layup and further reduced weight of the RS models will appeal to the most ambitious riders.



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But perhaps for you, riding a bike has never been about personal bests and beating the rest. You pedal for the love of the open road, for the friendships and the discoveries made along the way. Our ENDURANCE range brings the simplicity back into cycling. With a shorter reach and higher stack, the geometry of the 765 OPTIMUM+ is crafted to offer comfort on the longest rides. 3S Wave technology in the seatstays acts as an in-built shock absorber to increase the natural flexibility of the carbon and dampen road vibration. And if the call of the wide open plains is too hard to resist, the wide tire clearance allows you to fit tires up to 700x42mm – or even 27.5 MTB wheels – for inspiring off-road adventures. More options, more fun.

The 765 OPTIMUM+ is a disc brake only bike available in three different builds and colors depending on your wallet, including the latest Interference Red model with the revolutionary 2x12-speed SRAM groupset. An electric option is also offered should you be looking for some extra assistance on those longer rides.



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