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Ride. That's all.

765 OPTIMUM+, or the art of simplicity.

Discover - or rediscover - the freedom of riding wherever and however you choose with the all-new LOOK 765 OPTIMUM+ carbon road bike. When ultimate performance and marginal gains don't turn your crank, take things back to the simplicity that makes riding fun.

With this in mind, LOOK engineers designed the carbon fiber frame of the 765 OPTIMUM+ to be both straighforward and accessible. Its geometry and composition are destined for enjoyable, recreational cycling. Precisely-selected components round off a bike that is disconcertingly - and comfortingly - down-to-earth.


A bike that takes away the ifs and the buts

Versatility personified.

Road cycling, definitely. But not only. The strength of the 765 OPTIMUM+ lies in a rock-solid versatility that will take you anywhere. Its components, endurance-oriented geometry and meticulous blend of carbon fiber are designed to take on the straightest of roads and the hilliest of trails.

Originally equipped with road wheels and tires, this is a bike that easily transform into an off road warrior thanks to wide tire clearances both front and rear. **The full-carbon fork and 3D Wave seatstays can accommodate tire widths up to 700x42. Do you need more? No problem: the 765 OPTIMUM+ is also compatible with 27.5 inch MTB wheels and 650x2.1 tires.

Head for new horizons in comfort and with confidence.


As comfy as an armchair.

A geometry designed for you.

The frame geometry of the 765 OPTIMUM+ is unapologetically endurance-oriented. By playing with the length - 10mm shorter - and height - 20mm higher - of the frame, LOOK engineers have achieved a position that is more upright than racing models. In other words, this bike is destined to offer enhanced comfort on all rides, long or short.

From now on, enjoy the luxury of a frame tailored to your cycling ambitions.


30 years of "Made In France" carbon expertise

Demanding simplicity.

30 years of LOOK carbon fiber expertise and innovation are packed into this all-new endurance frame.

The 765 OPTIMUM+ road bike may offer an easy and uncomplicated ride… yet it is demanding to produce. Both frame and fork are made from carefully-selected and assembled carbon fibers: HM (High Modulus) and HR (High Resistance) fibers of the very highest quality.

Lovingly built into the frame by our LOOK carbon experts, the passion and quality of ""Made In France"" carbon precision can be felt with every pedalstroke.


Full-carbon frame and fork

The 765 OPTIMUM+ is designed entirely from precisely-selected carbon fibers, providing the right balance of lightness and stiffness to suit your riding ambitions.

Riding a LOOK bike is the guarantee of a reliable and durable frame thanks to the high-standard manufacturing processes, rigorous quality control and extensive tests and certifications that have built the ""Made In France"" reputation.

3D Wave seatstays

The seatstays are designed as 2 waves that act as flexion points, increasing the natural flexibility of carbon fiber by 15%. By flattening the tubes, vertical flexibility and lateral stiffness are also improved.

Filtering shocks and vibration coming from the rear of the bike, even at high speed, the seatstays also greatly increase traction. This means the rear wheel stays securely in contact with the ground for the best possible riding experience, whatever the terrain.

The 3D Wave technology gives the frame exceptional vibration dampening qualities without compromising on weight.



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