Win the 795 BLADE DISC

And end the year on a high

As this unusual year draws to a close, we are giving you the chance to end it on a high. A beautiful 795 BLADE in metallic blue silver glossy color is up for grabs. You are sure to start 2021 with new road resolutions... and maybe with a new bike?

But for that, you will need to know all about our brand. Are you a LOOK fan? Answer our quiz between December 1 and 24 to be in with a chance of winning the bike of your dreams!

Pedal LOOK PP65


For over 35 years, our teams have been continuously innovating, driven by the passion to create incredible cycling experiences.

LOOK has always placed technology at the service of emotions and performance, giving all riders the opportunity to push their limits and experience all that cycling has to offer.

What a road we have traveled, from the first clipless pedal, the PP65, to today's Keo Blade Carbon Ceramic, 975 Blade RS or the new Geo City platform pedal range, to name but a few of our products...

795 BLADE DISC Metallic Blue Silver Glossy


Metallic Blue Silver Glossy

All of LOOK's expertise is blended into the carbon fiber blade of the 795 BLADE. A road bike that is incredibly efficient when it comes to speed, yet makes no compromise on comfort.

You may lose yourself in the brilliant blue of the Metallic Blue Silver Glossy paintwork, yet the wheels of this high performance carbon machine roll firmly on solid ground. Mile after mile.

This 795 BLADE build combines the reliability of the SHIMANO 105 groupset with WH RS 171 wheels for a ride that is pure efficiency with every pedal stroke.



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