Ride a LOOK bike, starting from less than 52€/month*
48-month rental contract with purchase option after initial 12 payments of 51.25€. Applicable to bikes priced at 1999€. Offer starting 11 May 2020.

Take a step up without putting yourself in the red

Take a step up without putting yourself in the red

A new bike to suit your budget

Enjoying your ride without breaking the bank is now possible thanks to our rent-to-buy option.

It's the bike of your dreams, and now it can be yours thank to our easy payment in installments solution.

A wide range of models is available to suit your requirements. The offer is valid for all bikes priced over 1000€.

A flexible and bespoke contract

A flexible and bespoke contract

With or without down payment

Stiffness is for frames! Our Rent-to-Buy option gives you full flexibility to pay for your new bike. Just as carbon fiber set a new standard in bike design, signing up for our lease plan sets you ahead of the competition.

Choose whether or not to purchase the bike during or at the end of the contract, which has a maximum duration of 48 months. You may pay the remaining rent in one installment at any time.

List of retailers offering this option

List of retailers offering this option

For more information about the offer, please contact your local retailer

All retailers

A lease is binding and must be repaid in full. Please check your ability to repay before signing up.

* Valid for the Rental with Purchase Option of a LOOK 765 SHIMANO 105 RIM bike with a value of 1999€ including VAT over 48 months. Rents calculated as 12 installments of 51.25€, followed by 12 installments of 48.48€, then 12 installments of 45.70€ and finally 12 installments of 41.32€. Optional insurance not included. Total amount due excluding purchase option is 2241€. Purchase option of €19.99, giving a total amount due including purchase option of 2260.99€. Monthly cost of the optional Securivie insurance is 2,19€. Total amount for the optional insurance is 105,12€.

Rental offer with purchase option limited to private customers and subject to final acceptance by lessor CA Consumer Finance, of which Sofinco is a brand. SA with a capital of 554,482,422€, 1 Rue Victor Basch - CS 70001 - 91068 MASSY Cedex, 542 097 522 RCS Evry. Insurance intermediary registered with ORIAS under N° 07 008 079 (www.orias.fr). You are entitled to a legal right of withdrawal. Optional insurances contracted with CACI LIFE Dac (Death), CACI NON LIFE Dac (Total and Irreversible Loss of Autonomy, Permanent and Total Disability, Temporary Total Work Incapacity). This advertisement is designed by LOOK Cycle International SAS with a share capital of 2,515,440€, 27 rue du Dr Léveillé - CS 90013, 58028 Nevers CEDEX - France (FR), SIRET 419 513 262 000 16, RCS Nevers B 419 513 262 and distributed by your store which, as the exclusive credit intermediary of CA Consumer Finance, assists in the provision of consumer credit without acting as lessor.

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