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Yves Lapierre, DG INPI - Dominique Bergin - François Drouin, PDG Oséo.

LOOK Cycle is «the most innovative French SME » of the last twenty years in its field

The French National Institute for Industrial Property (INPI), which had already rewarded the company from Burgundy on two occasions, awarded LOOK a special Trophee from 2 categories, ‘Sport- Leisure’, and ‘Everyday Life’. This was even more special as this was the 60th anniversary of the creation of INPI the 20th anniversary of the INPI Trophees.

On December 5th, the INPI was giving away 5 ‘Special Trophees’ to distinguish the most innovative companies over the 20 years since the creation of the Innovation Trophees. LOOK Cycle is the only company to have won that prize in 2 categories.

LOOK Cycle, one of the rare cycle manufacturers to have its own production facilities, has singled itself out, since being taken over, for keeping its technological know-how in France. The company has quadrupled its turnover and increased its workforce seven times in fourteen years. It has thus showed that mastering its production is an essential element of innovation.

A worldwide leader which keeps on growing and hiring.

With nearly 200 patents, of which over half were registered in the last ten years, the company, created in 1951, is going through the highest growth period in its history. Since 1998, its turnover has gone from 12 to 43 million euros in 2011, including 75% achieved through exports and a 17% increase in the last year alone. At the same time, its workforce has gone from 80 to 500, with nearly 200 people in Nevers, France.

The winning bet of the « made in France »

For Dominique Bergin, LOOK’s CEO, « this winning strategy is built on fundemental choices :
• Independence, the company working on a family model, it isn’t listed in the stock market, has no investment fund in its capital, and has had the same shareholders for fourteen years,
• French location, the company decided, in spite of the costs, to keep a production site and its headquarter in Nevers, France,
• A strong determination in favor of R&D, 11% of the turnover being devoted to it,
• A permanent relationship with the greatest champions, which constantly inspires us, and enables us to validate our innovations. Moreover, LOOK Cycle is one of the only manufacturers to supply the exact same products to professional riders on the Tour de France and to its consumers. »


Clipless pedal and carbon frame, flagship innovations.

The first to adapt the concept of ski bindings to cycling 30 years ago, LOOK Cycle’s culture of innovation comes from this revolutionary creation. More than 9 million bikes are now equiped with our clipless pedals system, and the current leader of the UCI world rankings, Philippe Gilbert, won all his victories this season on LOOK pedals. LOOK Cycle has also become in recent years the european leader in high-end carbon frames.

Alberto Contador won his two last Tour de France on LOOK pedals, which also contributed to over 300 victories in 2011. 11 medals were won on LOOK’s carbon frames at the last World Track Championships.

China, where 95% of the world’s carbon frames are built, chose LOOK for its track, road and triathlon teams. The French brand is also partner of the French, Canadian and Japanese federations, and supplies pedals to around 50% of professional riders worldwide.


Crédit Photo : INPI – Franck Dunouau.