A peloton facing cross winds


At LOOK Cycle we have been keeping our distance while staying united, showing strength, flexibility, and a renewed solidarity. We have worked hard to manage the impact of the pandemic on our own employees, our clients and suppliers across the world.

We stayed together, as a peloton facing cross winds.

Taking shifts protecting each other, keeping our eyes on others’ wheels, yet keeping the right distance to stay safe. Like in an echelon, where everybody is on the limit, giving up is not an option, and the collective effort makes the difference.

We took all needed actions to protect the business and all our teams, with no compromise on safety. All safety measures are now in place in all our factories, and we are now re-starting.

We have kept in close contact with our distributors around the word, adapting to the impact on retail activity and anticipating needs as countries gradually reopen.

Our suppliers and financial partners are by our side, supporting and playing their role in this extraordinary moment.

Our ties with the local community have never been stronger, and we continue to do all we can to help health professionals by providing them with masks from our factory.

The confinement has tested all of us individually and our businesses. Like a magnifying lens, the strengths and weaknesses of our characters, our teams and business model have become much clearer.

We took this as a great opportunity to review how we function. New tools to connect directly with our clients have been implemented, the e-commerce platform for multi-channel distribution will be finally launched, and we have refocused resources where needed for the brand and our clients.

All of us cyclists in most countries miss the excitement and joy of the wind on our face, the cameraderie of the long rides, the dirt on gravel roads, the adrenaline of speed and the thrill of racing. Virtual coffee breaks allow us to see each other but will never replace the informal chats at the office, the real discussions with clients and suppliers, and the fun stories we share on the road with our cycling clubs.

We felt more than ever the passion and loyalty of our fans, and the messages of support and encouragement received have been an extra source of motivation for all of us. Thank you.

It will be a new normal, where health will take a whole new and authentic meaning. The future is very bright for bicycling, and our purpose becomes more meaningful than ever. We are ready, fit, and eager to go, and to continue to instill the passion and benefits of cycling across the world.

A heartful thank you to my team and all our partners, together we are stronger than before.

Let’s ride on.

Federico MUSI

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