Since its early days, LOOK’s expertise has been feeding on the battles waged by warriors on the race track. Under the same banner, the quest for victory transcends these athletes in a battle that has been waged throughout history. Their strength is mental and physical, their power is mechanical. The feats accomplished by these heroes are born out of the weaving and shaping of the carbon material.

LOOK is now reproducing the essence of its DNA with an exclusive collection of demanding and distinctive bikes created in the image of its gladiators, without compromising on performance in the arena. Genuine icons, the company is reinterpreting its iconic forms through the ODYSSEY legend.


The ERUPTION design is symbolic of the aggressive, competitive and heroic style with which Laurent has approached every race since the beginning of his career. It also pays tribute to the mythical Ironman volcanoes of the island of Hawaii.

For LOOK and the world of cycling, Laurent Jalabert is one of the best athletes of the century. He embodies strength, courage and tenacity in the hostile landscape of Kona.

As a metaphor for the volcanic eruption, the matt bronze frame is accompanied by an exclusive tone-on-tone motif, a representation of pyroclastic flows crossing the iconic geometry of the 796 MONOBLADE RS. This limited edition ERUPTION frame, of just 50 numbered copies, is completed with a carbon fibre LOOK AERGO time trial handlebar, a ZED 3 crankset and an AEROPOST seat post. Laurent Jalabert will ride with the first of this edition on the Kona volcano.



For the last 30 years, LOOK and its engineers have been focused on how to optimize performance, and aerodynamic drag is one of the essential factors. Every year, LOOK engineers are constantly innovating to push component integration boundaries even further to produce essential aerodynamic gains in performance.

The 796 MONOBLADE RS tubes are extremely thin, and the components were also crafted with aerodynamics in mind: fork, handlebars, stem, seatpost, crankset, nothing was left to chance. Our wind tunnel studies have proven it, the 796 MONOBLADE RS is the most narrow and aerodynamic bicycle ever created, an indisputable technological feat made possible by the expertise of our development and production.

AERGO Aerobar

Designed and manufactured by LOOK extremely aerodynamic, ergonomic and adjustable TT to triathlon ready. Packed with all LOOK’s experience, the new AERGO aerobar looks like it is custom made to fit each individual, all while being highly adjustable, this is what makes it superior to all the other aerobars on the market.


A carbon aerodynamic seatpost providing comfort and performance. Thanks to 2 reversible saddle rail trays that come with the bicycle, the AEROPOST seatpost is adjustable, allowing the cyclist to find his or her ideal position.

Like all the other LOOK integrated seatposts, the AEROPOST has an elastomer that dampens vibrations for more comfort. Removable, you may transport your bicycle in the majority of the soft-sided carrying bags and hard cases available on the market.


100% carbon monobloc crankset with unequaled weight/stiffness ratio. The length of the crank arms is adjustable thanks to a tri-lobed nut. The ZED 3 crank is aerodynamic, very rigid and extremely light: 360g (bottom bracket+axle+carbon spider-without chainrings).

Variable lenght: 170mm to 172 or 175mm.


The AEROFLATSTEM was designed to be in perfect alignment with the top tube and to provide the thinnest and most aerodynamic frontal attack possible. Its innovative design provides an increase in lateral rigidity of the cockpit while conserving vertical suppleness for better comfort.

The integrated AEROFLATSTEM is an extra narrow 22mm and only works in conjunction with the AEROFLATBAR.

Two lengths are available: 85 and 100 mm.

Keeping aerodynamics in mind, LOOK integrated its trademarked V-style front brake into the fork itself. The flow of air is thus facilitated compared to a traditional post mounted caliper brake.


Since LOOK’s beginning in the bicycle world when metals were king, our material of choice has always been carbon. For over 30 years LOOK has developed in its own factories a unique expertise and a vast know-how in the carbon field to reach specific desired properties.