Aerodynamics play an important role in the performance and pleasure of cycling. Air resistance is actually the primary resistor to forward movement that confronts cyclists, apart from the steepest climbs where gravity (and weight) take over.


For 25 years, LOOK has integrated aerodynamics into its lines of development and has always been on the cutting edge of this subject with track, road, time trial and triathlon bicycles.


Our engineers have access to all modern technologies that assist in the development of extremely aerodynamic products: CFD (digital analysis of water flow). First step, the wind tunnel, initially with a 1 size-1 scale prototype followed by the finished product, followed by the analysis of the incidence angles of the air on the cyclist in actual conditions, and then real-time performance tests in the field with analytical tools onboard.
It is with the help of all of these tools, combined with LOOK’s aerodynamic testing experience and accumulated carbon know-how, that the 796 Monoblade came to life. This project was a complete reexamination of the concepts closely linked to the brand, such as the offset fork, and was necessary to once again move to the aerodynamic forefront.


We are also aware that man-machine aerodynamics are only as good as the position of the cyclist, this is why, even in our approach to component integration, we keep the key piece adjustment options extremely broad.
Group: ZED 3 crankset / AEROPOST seatpost / AEROFLAT BAR handlebar/ AEROFLAT STEM on the 796
Group: ZED 3 crankset / E POST 2 seatpost / ADH CARBON handlebar / AEROSTEM on the 795


Thanks to the understanding of what an aerodynamic bicycle should be, and by taking into consideration the interaction between a cyclist and his or her bicycle, LOOK conceives and builds, for more than 25 years and still today, the most aerodynamic bicycles on the market.