2017 TOUR DE FRANCE, The victories, excitement and so much promise for LOOK athletes to come

Very determined and present in numerous breakaways, performances that often ended with a great result at the end of the stage, the riders of Team Fortuneo-Oscaro just completed their best Tour de France riding the 795 LIGHT and 785 HUEZ RS. The French squad finished 8th place in the overall team rankings, and a 16th place in the individual classification went to Brice Feillu. The accolades continue with the magnificent performance of the youngest rider in the Tour, Elie Gesbert (7th in Salon de Provence), and the repeated attacks by Romain Hardy, Maxime Bouet, Florian Vachon and Pierre -Luc Périchon, who finished (8th) on the Champs-Elysees.


Brice Feillu: 16th
Romain Hardy: 26th
Pierre-Luc Perrichon: 42nd
Maxime Bouet: 55th
Eduardo Sepulveda: 65th
Elie Gesbert: 85th
Florian Vachon: 103rd
Laurent Pichon: 125th

Images and videos of the race