Cutting edge technology available to all. When one looks for an exceptional bicycle, equally light as it is powerful and responsive, with impressive good looks, it is natural to turn toward the technology and design of LOOK bicycles.    


Our Aero bicycles, 795 or 796 are the fruit of more than 10 years of research and development. The innovative technology of these exceptional bicycles, fully integrated for unrivaled aerodynamics, offers enthusiast to professional cyclists, an exceptional output with a unique and distinctive design.  


The innovation and high technology, to which LOOK has been strongly committed from the beginning, are the keys to your satisfaction when piloting a 675 or 695. Regardless of your level, their power, refined design and ultra-performance could be your ticket to Nirvana.    


The Endurance line benefits from the innovative CARBOFLAX technology, combining flax (linen) with carbon fibers, that makes the bicycles lighter and extremely comfortable. With vibration dampening, they are a absolute pleasure to ride and ultra resilient. Strong touring cyclist or recreational athlete, the 765, 765 Disc or 765 HM will take you even further than you thought possible. Excitement guaranteed!