Quentin Lafargue: « LOOK is part of my story »


The European Kilometer Champion talks about his progress before the next part of the season, and specifically, his attachment to our brand…

Track season is currently on a break before the next World Cup event, the 17th-19th of February in Cali (Santiago de Cali, Columbia). What are you actually doing now?
« I continued to ride a bit after Apeldoorn in November, to participate in the « Revolution Series » in Manchester. Then I took a full week off to rest. On the track, there are usually long breaks between competitions, which doesn’t bother me, as it gives me plenty of time to get ready for the next one. This is part of our regular routine.  »

Does this break also allow you to make an initial assessement?
« Yes and I am satisfied with what I was able to do! After a somewhat difficult period, I managed to bounce back by winning my first individual Elite title in the kilometer during the European Championships in Saint-Quentin. I’m happy to have been able to keep this great momentum going with two additional podiums in the Team Sprint in Glasgow, and Apeldoorn, during the first two World Cup events… »

At 26 years old, you were the oldest member of this remarkable team (Edelin – Vigier – Lafargue)…
« It is true that I have more experience in big events than they do. Even though Benjamin (Edelin, 23 years old) and Sébastien (Vigier, 19 years old) are young, they are already very powerful physically. We have not worked much together yet, but with the simple desire to go fast, we have done great things. We are part of the same team but there is real competition between us, and I think it is great.  »

At the 2015 Worlds in Saint Quentin in Yvelines, you grabbed the bronze medal in the Individual Sprint. What do you remember from that moment?
« It was a crazy! Everyday the Velodrome was full of spectators, and we felt that the entire public was behind us… Emotionally, it was really quite powerful.  »

That day, LOOK collected three medals with Greg Bauge and the Russian Denis Dmitriev. And you seem to have a special relationship with your equipment…
« I am a fan of equipment, but also high technology. For the record, the first bike I actually managed to buy for myself was a LOOK 396, and I won my first Junior titles with it. I had seen the pros riding this bike and I wanted the same one! If three riders on the podium at Saint-Quentin use LOOK, then it is not a coincidence. We are clearly riding on Formula Ones. The brand is always developing its products to go faster and faster and we feel that LOOK is very commited to us. I can’t wait to ride the new R96, I know a few changes were made.  In a discipline like the Sprint, where everything is decided on hundredths of a second, small things can make a big difference. And it’s not Kristina Vogel (Olympic Sprint Champion on a R96) who would disagree with me! »

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Credit photo: Frederic Machabert