Benjamin THOMAS

Designed and developed with the French Cycling Federation and its athletes, the new 875 MADISON is an ultra-versatile, efficient and aerodynamic track bicycle with a 100% carbon frame and fork.

Taking its name from Madison Square Garden, which itself was named after the 4th American President, James Madison, who organized the first 24-hour «indoor» races for teams of two, the 875 is available in the four emblematic colors of the LOOK Mondrian logo (yellow, red, blue and grey).


Inventor of the first carbon frame and creator of the first clipless pedal, LOOK always pushes the limits of innovation and the cutting-edge cycling.

In a constant quest to optimize its manufactured products, LOOK has designed, developed and manufactured, since its inception, exceptional products for passionate athletes and professional racers to excel and push their personal limits.

For more than 30 years the result of the know-how and expertise of LOOK engineers, has been characterized by a perfect mastery of geometric frame design, the choice of tube thickness, and the assembly of carbon materials used in the manufacturing process. A never-ending quest for performance, quality and innovation, for all athletes, that they may live and experience unique adventures.



LOOK has been a technical partner of the French Cycling Federation for over than 30 years, and has developed the 875 Madison in close collaboration with its athletes.

Designed and developed with and for its athletes, the aim was to make a high-performance, versatile frame with the goal of optimizing the performance of its teams for the next 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo.

Developed with athletes such as Benjamin THOMAS, double 2017 World Champion in Hong Kong in the Omnium and the Madison, with his teammate Morgan KNEISKY, the 875 MADISON features a 100% carbon frame and fork with a weight of 7.34 Kg out of the box from the factory.

Benjamin THOMAS – Morgan KNEISKY


After a first year on the crazy fixed-gear racing circuit, LOOK renews its commitment in 2017 with TEAM LOOK CRITERIUM as a major partner to live another year full of excitement and emotions on the ultra-technical and fast fixed-gear criteriums around the world, and notably the famous RED HOOK CRIT SERIES with races in Brooklyn, London, Barcelona and Milan.

François FEVRIER


« CRITERIUM races are conducted on a fixed-gear bike, so without brakes. The only way to stop is to anticipate and counter the rotation and inertia of the cranks. The races take place after qualifying and eliminatory heats on a short, closed urban circuit where several laps have to be completed. Classification is made in the form of points. Generally, riders dropped from the peloton are eliminated.

LOOK has been with us since the beginning of this project. It has quickly become a vital link in the team’s ability to perform. Without them, none of this would be possible. The work done by their engineering teams in Nevers during the off-season has been tremendous. 2018 is going to be an exceptional season.

With an extraordinary winning record and LOOK’s reputation in cycling history, it is hard for us to hide just how proud we are to have them on our side. Wearing their colors is an honor. It is a source of great motivation not only when we are on the starting line of some of the finest criteriums in the world, but also in our regular workouts. The races put our equipment through some pretty rude tests and the reliability of LOOK products is definitely a great asset. »


+ Ultra-versatile track bicycle
+ 100 % carbon frame and fork
+ New LOOK geometry
+ Aerodynamic frame and fork
+ Developed with the French Cycling Federation for its athletes
+ Four colors of the LOOK Mondrian logo