Brice Feillu, « The 785 Huez RS is my bike of choice from now on »


Brice Feillu (Fortuneo-Oscaro)

Twentieth overall, the climber from team Fortuneo-Oscaro talks about the beginning of his Tour de France and discusses his choice of equipment.


How would you evaluate the first part of your Tour de France?

« Everything has gone pretty well. I came to the Tour in good shape and without any pre-existing physical problems, which was not the case in the two previous years when my knee was bothering me. So, I knew I was coming into this healthy. I finished 16th in 2014, and I’m on track to do just as well this year… »

And the big mountains are coming fast…

« Yeah, but we have already been up against some technical and challenging terrain. In addition to the Planche des Belles Filles (stage 5) which was a steep climb, we had two tough days between the Jura and Savoie regions where the pace was extremely fast all day long. That did a lot of damage. And we all saw how courageous Eduardo was, staying in the race despite a serious crash in stage 9 which cost him 15 stitches in his arm. »

You’ve been riding the 785 Huez RS since the start, how do you feel on this bike?

« Even on the flat stages, the 785 Huez RS is my bicycle of choice from now on. This season, I’ve ridden the 795 Light and the 675 Light. I’m starting to get a good sense of the entire line of LOOK bicycles! But seriously, I think that, in terms of comfort, it’s close to the 675, but lighter and snappier. The lightweight and liveliness of the 785 Huez RS will really be ideal in the big mountain stages. There will be chances to take some risks in order to move up in the general classification, or maybe get a stage win. »