Azizulhasni Awang is the Keirin World Champion!


At 29 years old, the Malaysian has won his first Keirin World Championship Title!

After three bronze medals in the World Championships in 2015-2016 and at the Olympic Games in Rio, the racer has had a perfect day in the Hong Kong track complex full of enthousiastic, vocal and energetic spectators.  After having moving to the front of the Keirin in the next-to-last turn, Azizulhasni Awang held off  his adversaries to win his first World Championship Title at the controls of his LOOK R96 equipped with Corima wheels! Awang even treated himself to the luxury of crossing the finish pulling a wheelie! « I have been training 8 hours per day with only one goal in mind, and today, I am the World Champion. I can’t believe it!  » The Asian rider, nicknammed the « Pocket Rocket » should receive a triumphant reception when he returns home!