LOOK has had a fixed gear team since 2016.

Félix Lhenry, Thibaud Lhenry and François Février are the members of « Team LOOK Criterium »

This event is open to all cyclists, from proven international champion to the recreational rider wishing to take part in an extraordinary adventure on the beautiful roads that link France to Italy, via their most prestigious destinations.

François Février, the team manager, has been actively riding a fixed gear since 2013 with the goal of being able to compete with the best on the World Circuit.  In 2015 he meets, Thibauld Lhenry, Fixed Gear Team World Champion of that same year and 2014 Individual Fixed Gear World Champion. Félix Lhenry, Thibaud’s brother, joins the two others and all three of them register for the well-known RED HOOK CRIT fixed gear series, made up of events in Brooklyn, London, Barcelona and Milan.

Fixed gear criteriums as explained by François Février:

These are races done on a fixed gear bicycle, so without brakes. The only way to stop is to anticipate and to try to counter the rotation and inertia of the crankset.  The final race takes place after qualifying and eliminatory rounds on a short, closed urban circuit where a specific number of laps have to be completed. Classification is done according to a points system. Riders dropped from the peloton are generally eliminated.

François Février: « LOOK provided us with AL 464 bicycles, a fixed gear bike made of aluminum and equipped with a carbon fork and KEO 2 Max pedals. This rigid bicycle is hot off the track, to design it, LOOK took its inspiration from the legendary Olympic bicycle, the R96, that has carved out its place in track history. It’s the perfect choice for criterium courses of this style where riders are constanly accelerating after every corner!  Its stiffness and handling are a real godsend. In addition to the bike, LOOK provides us with extremely comfortable SUPERHIGHWAY skinsuits, they are black and their understated design really shows off the iconic colors of the LOOK brand.”

2016 Results:


            • 10 races, 3 wins, 5 podiums:
            • Winner of La Petite Course Crit Paris (Felix)
            • Winner of Crit Fix Paris (Felix)
            • Winner of one event in the MNC OMNIUM (Felix)
            • 3rd of Tourn’us Crit  Burgundy, France (Felix)
            • 2nd     Tourn’us Crit Burgundy, France (Thibaud)



Provisional 2017 race calendar:


                • Rad Race Fixed42 / Germany
                • Dutch Cup Crit / Netherlands
                • Red Hook Crit Brooklyn / USA
                • La Petite Course Paris / France
                • Red Hook Crit London / Great Britain
                • Crit Fix  Paris / France
                • National Mustard Crit  Dijon / France
                • Red Hook Crit Barcelona / Spain
                • Red Hook Crit Milan / Italy

Photos credit: Romain Villerot