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LOOK launchs a new era in high performance in the 695: a frame offering unequalled cycling precision thanks to the integration of the stem, the headset, the fork and an exceptional accelleration with the ZED crankset.

The 695 puts the CFD (Continuous Fibre Design) in application : the shape of the tubes is studied so that the carbon fibres work along the best axis, optimizing their mechanical performance.
The ZED 2 crankset, the frame’s nerve centre, is the culmination of 5 years of research and tests with our athletes at the 2008 Beijing Olympics. It brings a new world record in the weight/rigidity ratio.

To answer to the demands of all the hard core racer and enthusiast, the 695 is available in two versions:
  • 695 version SR (Super Rigid) will meet the expectations of racing cyclists looking for maximum power transmission in each pedal stroke.
  • 695 version brings some flexibility for competitors a little more comfort without sacrificing the rigidity and responsivenes.


For optimal power transmission, the 695 is equipped with the best crankset presently available on the market : the ZED 2 crankset.
The 695 has an oversized bottom bracket casing (65 mm cartridge sealed bearings). The downtube tube, seat tube and chain stays wrap continuously around the casing and extends without a break in shape. We name this the CFD concept (Continuous Fibre Design) that optimizes resistance to effort.
The new HSC 7 fork, the new Head Fit 3 headset, the C-stem and the E-Post are the other components integrated into the 695 frame. They were specifically developed for that frame, to make the 695 homogenous, rigid, lightweight, stable and easy to handle.


The ZED 2 carbon crankset is equipped on the 695, a brand new innovative model : It is moulded in a single piece of carbon (2 pedal cranks + axis + star = FULL SINGLE-PIECE). It reaches a rigidity / weight ratio that was not possible before..
The crankset alone (with no bearings or chain rings) but including the two pedals and the axles only 320 grams ! Its particular Z shape allows it to be mounted in the frame that has a specific and oversized BB (65 mm cartridge sealed bearings).
The technology of the three-lobe insert at the end of pedal cranks allows adjustments the length of the cranks from 170, 172.5 to 175 mm without changing the crankset and compatible with all the pedals on the market.


The C-STEM carbon stem is designed sprcifically for the 695. It adopts its tube shape called “horizontal” so as to ensure efficient cohesion between the steering and the frame.
A new patented tightening system allows the stem to be slightly inclined (from -9° to +13°).

This avoids adding several spacers that decreases the bike’s lateral rigidity and the handling.

A moon shaped part to position in back or in front of the handlebar allows varying its position by 10 mm.

The ultra-light carbon body and the titanium screw give the C-STEM greater rigidity, and weighs only 140 grams.

The C-STEM is available in 5 sizes : 80-90mm / 90-100 mm / 100-110 mm / 110-120mm / 120-130mm


LOOK patented headset dissociating adjustment, from stem tightening.
The headset’s adjustment is done by tightening the carbon ring on an offset thread placed on the fork’s pivot. It is now possible to change the stem’s height without the need to readjust the headset. This eleminates the use of a compression kit, replaced by a simple cap. Weight gain: 40 grams.
Oversized ½ inch sealed cartridge bearings. The fork pivot contains 2 flat sections and is reinforced for the Head fit 3 headset.

E-POST Seat post

The patented and integrated Look E Post system have real advantages, which go far beyond torsional rigidity and aesthetics. The advantages are related to the improvement of comfort.
The E-Post is insulated from the frame by elastomers (hence its name : E for Elastomer), which helps dampen vibration. It allows each user to use personalized settings for greater comfort.
The E-Post allows a height adjustment of three additional centimetres. It is able to adapt to multiple lengths of pedal cranks and saddle heigths.
Aesthetically very pure, since no external clamps are necessary to fix the saddle stem, the E-Post is by far the best integrated seat post system on the market.


Directly compressed at the moulding of the seat and chain stays. We obtained a single-piece rear unit: wishbone-stays-tabs that has the best weight / reliability ratio.


The HSC 7 fork is 15% more rigid and 16% lighter than the HSC 6. 100% single-piece carbon, weighs only 295 grams and complying with safety standard EN 14781(Frontal shock of 144 joules).

Moulded carbon tabs, compressed in the continuity of the fork. Tapered pivot using the CFD concept (Continuous Fibre Design) allowing the positioning of the sealed cartridge bearing directly on the fork’s head.

Oversized ½ inch sealed cartridge bearings. The fork pivot contains 2 flat sections and is reinforced for the Head fit 3 headset.